How is the experience at “The Community Table”?

At "The Community Table" you will sit alongside other guests. It encourages spontaneous conversations with both guests and cooks. We will interact a little bit more detailed when it comes to ingredients and cooking methods. We serve the same menu at "The Community Table" as we do in the "Dining Room"

How far ahead can you make a reservation at Gastrologik?

We accept reservations 90 days ahead.

How far in advance do i need to cancel my reservation?

You can change your reservation until 2 days prior to your reservation. If you cancel one or more seats after that we will charge you 1000SEK for every cancelled seat.

If i´m late to my reservation, how long do you hold the table for us?

We hold the table for 20 minutes. Contact us if you think that you will arrive late and we will keep the table for you.

Which is the maximum amount of people that i can book in Gastrologik?

We can at most accomodate 12 people at the same table. We do not want to spread out a large on several tables. If you want to visit Gastrologik with a party larger than 12 people, you have to book the whole restaurant. Are you interested in booking the whole restaurant do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

The menu
Is the wine list available online?

Yes, you can see it here.

How often do you change menu at Gastrologik

Since we let the producers decide what is on the menu, it is simply the seasons that deside how long a course stays on the menu, some produce have longer seasons and others and therefore stays longer on the menu.

How much time does it take to eat a menu at Gastrologik?

If you are in a hurry it is good if you tell us that in advance. We are often able to serve the whole menu in about 2 hours but we suggest a bit slower pace to get the most out of the experience. If you´re a larger party it can sometimes be a bit longer.

Do you get a menu after your visit

Yes, we will give you a printed menu after the dinner.

We are planning a visit to Gastrologik but we have certain allergies and diet restrictions. Will this be a problem?

Our goal is to offer our tasting menu for everyone all year round. However, because of the availability of fresh vegetables during the winter months it is very difficult for us to offer a full tasting menu to vegans and vegetarians. We therefore can not guarantee you a full vegetarian menu during the winter months. We can always arrange a full menu for other allergies as long as we know this in advance of the visit. We do not adapt the menu to diets like LCHF, GI or similar.

Why is there no menu for Gastrologik?

Our vision at Gastrologik is to work closely with our producers. We simply let them decide what we're going to have on the menu every day. Therefore, the menu may look different week by week, day by day, and even a table for table. That is why we can not write out menus in advance.

What is the price of a menu at Gastrologik?

The menu "Let Today's Produce Decide" costs 1295 SEK and we offer Selected Beverages for 995 SEK

The restaurant
What are Gastrologiks opening hours?

Gastrologik is open Tuesday to Saturday from 7 pm. We are closed Sunday and Monday.

What kind of food do you serve at Gastrologik?

- Innovative Scandinavian cuisine

Who is running Gastrologik?

-The two chefs Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr

When did Gastrologik first open?

- The 27th of October 2011